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Water Fitness

Water-based fitness appeals to many different participants. As the aquatic environment provides both buoyancy and resistance, it serves the needs of seniors, people with joint problems, and those who simply love moving in water.

How Deep?

Water fitness classes are typically taught at three depths depending on the class: waist deep, a depth between chest and shoulder height, and deep enough so you can’t touch the bottom. Both shallow and deep-water exercise classes offer many of the same benefits as land-based exercise, including toning muscle, improving posture and balance, increasing flexibility, and burning calories.

Water Fitness Classes

Aqua Blast

Churn up the water in this challenging yet fun workout held in shallow water. Cardio, strength, flexibility – this class has it all! Maximize your training efforts with increased water resistance and enjoy an exercise session that lessens the impact on your joints.

Deep Water Blast Cardio

Get your heart rate up in this fast-paced, deep-water class designed to burn calories and improve endurance. This class is designed to challenge you to get the most out of your workout as we use not only the resistance of the water but also equipment like buoys, kickboards, and noodles. An aquabelt is recommended.

Deep Water Blast Cardio and Abs

Bring your energy and get ready to work hard. This deep-water class incorporates a combination of exercises to burn calories and strengthen the abs. An aquabelt is recommended.

Deep Water Blast Strengthen and Tone

The pool is such a great place to work on strengthening our muscles. In this deep-water, full body workout you will use the water to strengthen and tone your muscles. The resistance provided by water aerobics equipment as well as the wall helps to challenge each individual at a level that is best for them. An aquabelt is recommended.

Deep Water Fitness

This total body, deep-water fitness class uses water weights, pool noodles and aquabelts. The workout provides a combination of low, medium, and high intensity exercises.

Shallow Aqua Fit

This is a less intense, shallow water class, but we are still here to get our heart rates up as well as have fun! Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves at a pace that works for them in this invigorating water aerobics session. Classes alternate between an emphasis on exercises to keep the heart rate up, improve balance and control, build endurance, strengthen muscles, and enhance flexibility.

Aqua Ball

Enjoy hitting a beach ball back and forth in a full, non-competitive pool volleyball game.

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